Robot life-A Christians way to conscious interactions.

Robot life-A Christians way to conscious interactions.

written by Flower princess
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Recently I’ve realized that our lives have started becoming automatic. We are leaving less consciously. This is a lesson first to me and then to you, if you accept the truth in it. From waking to eating to sleeping and so on. We do things without paying attention. Why?

1. It seems normal and in fact in this world who wants to be abnormal?!
2. It is easy. Once you get used to it, it just happens instantly.
3. We haven’t realized or take notice of this fact. Life is moving so fast to notice.
4. Life is getting automatic; everything is being set on autopilot.
5. The fear of being mediocre. Not so good for the people around you.
6. it’s comfortable.
7. You can’t control yourself anymore or maybe you have no choice.
The list can goes on to the reasons why things are happening like that.
But you know what I’ve realized?

In doing so
  • We lose our lives.
  • We forget that our true home is with God.
  • We become ‘religious’ in the bad sense.
  • We forget the purpose of our living or creation.
  • We look normal in what’s not normal and remain just another ordinary person.
  • We conform to our surroundings, whether good or bad.
  • We become emotionless.
And the most important is…
That’s what I’m going to analyze now.
Let’s think together.
When was the last time I said good morning and really meant it?
When was the last time I said bye, sorry, hello, love you, God bless you, a compliment, gave a hug e.t.c and really meant it?
These are just some examples but think of sentences you frequently say or things you do.

It’s easy to say I hate you and mean it than to say good morning.
I realized that it’s easy to say something negative and really mean it.
What do I mean when I say mean it?

Let’s check it out. When we say or do things from our heart there is an emotion or a mixture of emotions either positive or negative that is being released. When we talk or act casually in the autopilot mode we feel and release voidness.

 How do i bring more positive emotions in my life?

1. The first step is by developing your relationship with God. A healthy relationship with God is the base of godly interactions with others.
2. Meditate upon the word of God and give him the chance to tell you how you can live consciously.
3. Pray and ask God to help you to practice what he expects and told you to do. But before this you must forgive those who hurt you. Yes, that’s the tough part and a constant struggle but with God’s help it is possible. Then ask him also to forgive you from your sins. This way you get cleansed and healthy spiritually which will eventually show in your physical interactions.
4. See life the way God wants you to see it. See the many blessings you have and smile from your heart. Even if things are tough remember God’s love in giving his son and be grateful. You are not forgotten.
5. Share Gods love and emotions. Say hello, laugh, cry, and smile but do it from your heart. Yes i said cry! Crying  releases the negativity that you store inside you or can also be an expression of overwhelming happiness. Give a huge hearty hug to someone today! Be genuinely and respectively yourself in Christ. This way you remain healthy in the heart and soul. Now it’s easy; continue to live like this!
God bless you!

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