How to do flat twists

written by Flower princess of Vivid thoughts of Glory©

If you have been struggling to do flat twists here's how to do it.
They might look bad in the very beginning of but with time and trial the'll look better.

1.Part your hair vertically for the flat twist in the same manner they part for cornrows

2.Grab a small piece of hair from the beginning of the section you are about to flat twist.

3.Split it into two -let's call it A(left ) and B(right)

4.Twist it anti clockwise or clockwise.Lets say now we are doing it anti clockwise,so i twist/cross B over A

5.Grab a little extra hair from the section,add it to A and twist/cross A(with the added hair) over B.Now B will be behind A.

6.Grab a little extra hair and add it to B now twist B over A and continue step 5 and 6 till you end the twist.

7.Once you reach the end continue by doing a regular 2 strand twist.

Tip:While doing this keep your hands close/on top of your scalp.

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