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Smile when your heart is broken smile...
When your tears have floated smile..
In the bruises of your soul; smile...
When your future is unsure; smile..
When a thoughtful love has hurt you ; smile
At the fear that surrounds you;smile..
In the unbearable pain in your soul; smile...
The midst of loneliness;smile...

This is the way to forgive...
This is the way to believe...

And now...i think my life is broken...

Shush my dear, don't think this way.
It's a lesson for you to learn
The truly you smile the stronger you become.
The truly you smile the healing has began.

It's about time for things to change.
See yourself the way you ought to be...

I hope this blesses a soul today :)
If it did feel free to post a comment!

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Petroleum Jelly: A Friend and Enemy and My Theory-pt2

Petroleum Jelly: A Friend and Enemy and My Theory (The experiment-pt2)
written by Flower princess of Vivid thoughts of Glory©

I proceeded to try it after a long time of avoiding it. The first impression was actually pretty good I felt that the hair scales where smoothed so I knew it was good. I proceeded to twist it I monitored the twist out a day later it was ok nothing extraordinary shiny moisture minimal frizz and defined. I then twisted back.
Now almost a week my hair is not dry as I expected. I actually moisturized and seal again in that week. But still it supposed to be dry? According to what I have been hearing.

Now let’s come to the petroleum’s that makes petroleum jelly evil. 
No complicated talk let me analyze it the easy way:

  • Scalp: it can, let me say can slow down hair growth and block the scalp follicles: I didn’t recommending on the  scalp so that is out of the talk
  • Hair: it can block moisture from leaving or entering the hair shaft: doesn’t that remind you of  anti humectants?
  • It attracts dirt: Most of the hair products attracts dirt hair itself can hold on and smells just like our clothes sebum can attract dirt and dust so do oils.

It must be wash off with shampoo- Most trichologist and hair experts don’t down the use of SLS shampoo so it is a delicate matter.

watch out for part 3! :)

What do you think?

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