Petroleum Jelly: A Friend and Enemy and My Theory-pt1

Petroleum Jelly: A Friend and Enemy and My Theory (Eureka moment-pt1)
written by Flower princess of Vivid thoughts of Glory©

Few weeks ago I was wondering about the qualities of a humectants. 

What is a humectant?
A substance that affect and hold water molecules (Moisture) from the surrounding environment. [It is said that in case the surrounding environment is dry it can take moisture out of the hair into the environment (I haven’t look unto that yet so i can't verify if it's true).] I then decided to look up anti-humectants

What is anti-Humectant?
Substance that repels moisture and is not hygroscopic
As I was meditating on the definition of an anti-humectant a though popped ! an eureka moment
Since petroleum jelly avoid moisture from entering and/or leaving ( evaporating) the hair shaft it can categorized as anti-humectant and a great sealant.

What do you think?

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